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Dear Oak Members,

This is a report on our recent Oak Initiative Board Meeting and summit.

Team B Reports

     The First Team B Report was a competitive analysis challenge of the doctrine of Détente as a strategy that the U.S. should be following with the Soviet Union. That report concluded that Détente was the wrong strategy, and that there was no way for the U.S. or the free world to coexist with a communist doctrine that was intent on dominating the world. President Ronald Reagan embraced the Team B Report and simplified the doctrine to: “We win. They lose.” This change in strategy resulted in the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

     The Team B Report—Shariah, Threat to America was the same kind of exercise in competitive analysis in relation to radical Islamists who are, like the communists, seeking to impose their tyranny on the entire world. This study was done by some of our nation’s most experienced and effective intelligence professionals. Its conclusion is similar to those of Team B I—that the attempt to live in peaceful coexistence with such groups is not possible and only works to the advantage of those who are seeking to destroy the U.S.

     On Tuesday, April 12, Frank Gaffney, Director for the Center for Security Policy, and some of the authors of The Team B II Report— Shariah, Threat to America used our facilities at Heritage for a strategic meeting and roundtable discussion that was


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