Special Bulletin 02-2017

A New Season of Government

By Mark Gurley
Co-Director of the Michigan Oak Initiative


        Things are different now in government. President Trump is God’s vessel to change what seemed hopeless to many Christians. Whether you love him or hate him, he is a change agent that has exposed what we all knew was problematic. The politicians are corrupt, the media is fake, and the left is violent not tolerant. However, not all politicians are corrupt, not every member of the media is fake, and not every left-leaning Democrat is violent and intolerant, but there are more than enough examples that we often lump them all together. But we are in a new season and with that wind of change comes new hope. Do you see a new America? I do. I believe that America’s best days are ahead, and as we return to the Constitution and the Rule of Law while refocusing on God and our Christian heritage, we will restore America. As the Grassroots Vice-Chair of the Michigan Republican Party and the co-Director of the Michigan Oak Initiative, I see examples everywhere of the church awakening and re-engaging culture and government. It is encouraging. Will we, as the church, deliver principled solutions?

What’s happening and how can you help?

        An Oak Initiative member is answering God’s call to run for Governor in the State of Michigan. Patrick Colbeck is a rocket scientist. He was helping NASA with the engineering for the International Space Station when God called him out and placed him into the Michigan Senate. Everyone said it was impossible, yet with the Lord’s help, he became the first person elected to the Senate in over three decades who had never held political office before. He ran on God’s principles and succeeded. As a freshman legislator, he started and led the charge to make Michigan the 24th Right to Work state, again something that he was told could not happen. He has been a champion of religious freedom and is often the only legislator to show up to prayer events, right to life meetings, and Tea Parties. He has the national endorsements of Sean Hannity and David Barton, but more importantly, he is a humble man that has God’s favor on his life. Please check out his Principled Solutions at www.colbeckforgovernor.com. These are keys to restoring our nation with a Godly heritage.

        Patrick Colbeck needs our help. In typical grassroots style, he is not attracting special interest money like his more “establishment” competitors. He is for the common interest, therefore it is up to everyone to help for the greater good. His campaign is 100% volunteer and his bank account is millions behind his competitors. It seems like the same situation that Gideon or David faced. Will you help and pray? Please donate here https://colbeckforgovernor.com/donate/ if you are a citizen of the United States. If you live outside the United States, campaign laws dictate that you cannot give financially but they say nothing about praying for Patrick Colbeck. Please pray! He needs all the prayer he can get for his campaign, as this is a faith journey for all involved. To the Oak members, please consider any size donation (up to $6,800 per person). Share this email with your friends and post it to social media. If 5,000 people give $25 he can cover two weeks of campaign costs, but more importantly, engage 5,000 people who will pray for Patrick Colbeck and reap the victory for sowing into good soil. It is not rocket science to win an election, but it does take prayer and rocket fuel (donations).  Will you join us in Michigan to advance a new season in government?


Thank you and blessings,


Mark Gurley

Co-Director of the Michigan Oak Initiative


Mark L. Gurley, CLU, ChFC is a financial advisor who has been in the insurance and investment business since 1988. Mark was a founder and director of the Healing Rooms of Grand Rapids from 2002-2009. Mark is a charter member of The Oak Initiative and the Michigan Oak Branch State Director. He served on the board of Transformation Michigan from 2007-2011 and remains on the board of the Michigan Capitol House of Prayer (MICHOP). He is the great-great grandson of Dr. Phineas Gurley, President Abraham Lincoln’s pastor. He has been a frequent teacher and speaker and was ordained in 2002. Mark and his wife Michele have two children whom they home school.



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